Eto’o Concept, a masterpiece in the image of its owner, Samuel Eto’o

The Legendary Samuel Eto’o is a former Cameroonian international Footballer. He is one of the greatest strikers in the history of football in the world. He has played on the biggest teams and in the biggest competitions in the world. He has won several honours at club and national level for FC Barcelona in the Champions League in 2006 and 2009, for Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League in 1999-2000, the African Cup of Nations in 2000 and 2002, and the Inter Milan Champions League in 2010. He is a living legend in Africa and a role model for the new generations. This exceptional football player is also infinitely passionate about luxury watches and collects a wide range of them. He was completely seduced by the idea of designing custom-made watches. He wanted to keep the priorities of the Daytona Cosmograph in steel with a matte black skeleton dial in the colours of his home country, Cameroon. This timepiece is a masterpiece in the image of its owner. A tachymetric scale certifies its original precision standards while taking it to the ultimate level. From a spark of an idea is born a custom-made watch in the image of its heir after having been shaped and designed. The fine work carried out on the skeletonization of the movement, the result of nearly two years’ research, puts it in the worthy line of its predecessors, emblematic for more than 50 years, and preserves without comparison its status inherited from the world of motor racing among sports chronographs

From a spark of an idea is born a custom-made watch in the image of its heir after being shaped and designed. Personalising your watch means giving an emotion, a soul to your favourite object and making it your own, your masterpiece.Our Watchmakers meticulously inspect each piece during personalisation. Your custom-made Skeleton Concept comes with its own certificate of authenticity and an international guarantee.

Each watch is shaped and designed to measure at a customer’s request. This personalized service is carried out with the utmost precision and certification. According to your desires and expectations you can make your request by contacting us. Please be aware that depending on demand and our limited capacity of creation of our workshop Skeleton Concept, we can respond to your request, we will do what is necessary, but we apologize in advance.

Carbon black bezel represent hours of work for a perfect finish

The black carbon bezel of the Daytona Cosmograph is an essential piece since it is a visual element of importance and differentiation with its descending lines guaranteeing the best legibility for optimal efficiency. Made of forged carbon, directly borrowed from the world of high-performance cars and more generally from competition, it perfectly integrates into its universe, performance, the search for weight savings and solidity, the essence of this emblematic Cosmograph and its environment. It is the subject of hours of work, so demanding is this material alone to achieve this satin finish.

A matte black skeleton dial, in the colors of Samuel Eto’o country, Cameroon, displays the elapsed

It has been specially designed taking into account the skeletonization of the movement and the competition environment, while keeping its original properties, guaranteeing a very accurate reading of minutes and seconds up to 1/8th. For its elaboration we have carried out numerous tests in real racing situations to achieve the desired result. Its design is perfectly integrated into the skeleton movement, its colour finish, deliberately matt, further accentuates its high performance, resolutely oriented towards efficiency, which, even in extreme conditions of use, allows all information to be read without any inconvenience. The hands are the original, white gold, highly legible Chronomalight hands, with the counter hands in Yellow/Green/Red and the arrow on the seconds hand in Yellow

Stainless steel case and bracelet type 904L

The original case and bracelet, in 904L type steel, offers mechanical properties of resistance and alteration that have proven themselves in the most demanding environments. They have been entirely hand-brushed, giving them a satin and matt finish, to pay a vibrant tribute to the glorious past of motor racing, its exceptional cars made of brushed Aluminium, which have forever marked our collective imagination, further enhancing its image and its status as a resolutely extreme chronograph.

Mouvement 4130, performance beyond expectations

The 4130 movement is undoubtedly the best chronograph in existence, its properties are legendary, its original architecture consists of far fewer parts than a standard chronograph, thus improving its reliability. The challenge was great, if not immense, so as not to distort the excellence of this exceptional caliber while pushing back the technical limits and constraints as far as possible, in line with the environment of top competition, using the best technological tools and the ancestral know-how of the watchmaking professions. The specifications were simple: to keep its properties, certifying its original precision standards, while developing it to the ultimate level. All the bridge opening blanks were first made by hand to ensure that all the mechanical properties were retained. All the parts were digitised and corrected to obtain a precision of the order of a micron, or a thousandth of a millimetre. The result is so breathtaking, as much by the shapes drawn, by the precise alignments as by the perfection of its geometries, the eye is drawn to all its details which in fact have an incomparable finish, a technical reliability equivalent to the original with no less than 65% less material. The surface treatment in matt deep black, hand bevelled and sandblasted surface, such is the result and the response to the initial loads, the 4130 in its competition definition. He wished to preserve the properties of the original watch, certifying its original precision standards. The fine work carried out on the skeletonisation of the movement, the result of nearly 2 years of research, puts it in the worthy line of its predecessors, emblematic for more than 50 years, and preserves without comparison its status inherited from the world of motor racing among sports chronographs.

Word of Samuel Eto’o

I have a great passion for exceptional timepieces, I have a acquired a multitude of watches, all different pieces, from sobriety to elegance, from classicism to extravagance, from modernity to performance, each of the pieces I have in my possession is a part of who I am. The watch is the symbol of being, time the emblem of life, so I take the time to appreciate the details and refinement of watches because there is no passion that deserves to be exalted. Eto’o Concept is an unveiled part of who I am, like the matte black skeleton dial, which is in the colors of my country of origin, Cameroon. There are also unsuspected meticulous details that have been fashioned and remain an enigma, a mystery to the naked eye that only the owner and the horloger hold.



Oyster, 40 mm, Oystersteel steel



One-piece case middle, screwed back and crown



40 mm



Oystersteel steel



One-piece black Carbone Monoblock



Screwed, triple sealing system Triplock



Scratch-resistant sapphire



Waterproof up to 100 Meter



Perpetual, mechanical chronograph, automatic winding





4130, Manufacture Rolex®



-2/+2 sec per day, on watch



Hours, minutes and seconds in the centre,

small second at 6 o’clock. Precise chronograph to

1/8th of a second per hand in the centre,

30-minute counter at 3 o’clock,

counter12 noon to 9 am. Second stop for setting to the precise time



Spiral Parachrom blue paramagnetic



Automatic bidirectional winding by Perpetual rotor



4130, Manufacture Rolex®



-2/+2 sec per day, on watch



Power reserve of approximately 72 hours



Oyster with three wide and flat meshes



Skeleton Concept is an atelier that specializes in watch customization, as such, we neither manufacture and/or sell timepieces. Our customizations are made in full confidence staying true to the essence of the brand manufacturers that house the watches that are provided to us for enhancements. Any brands mentioned or shown on the website are for reference purposes only. Skeleton Concept assures the integrity of the work and modifications made on behalf of our clients and their timepieces. Any our customizations are provided for personal and private use only.